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If you're tired of including utilities with your rent every month, and chipping away at your net operating income, Livable helps put money back in your pocket.

  • It works with or without rent-controlled buildings.
  • Livable saves you money with no unit minimums - ever!
  • It includes water, sewer, and trash.
  • Livable Pro is so easy you can manage it yourself!

"SDMHA is extremely excited to partner with Livable. If you are looking to streamline your operations, this type of technology will assist you by increasing your net profitability and bottom line."

denise-hanzlik Denise Hanzlik South Dakota Multi-Housing Association Executive Director

Did you know...

South Dakota

Ratio Utility Billing in Your State

South Dakota
Find out what legislation your state, counties and cities have on ratio utility billing to be a better-informed property owner.

The South Dakota Public Service Commission regulates investor-owned electric and gas utilities but does not regulate landlords providing utilities or water municipalities. Investor-owned electric companies include Black Hills Energy, MidAmerican Energy, Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., NorthWestern Energy, Otter Trail Power Co., and Xcel Energy. The investor-owned gas companies are MidAmerican Energy, Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., and NorthWestern Energy.

*Local ordinances and state laws that determine which utility costs can be recovered through Ratio Utility Billing can and do change, and while we try to keep our database updated regularly, we cannot guarantee that we have the most up-to-date legislation in your area at all times. For that reason, all information and language provided here are for educational purposes only. Livable is providing neither (i) legal advice regarding legal or regulatory requirements for tenant notice or consent nor (ii) any warranty or representation of any kind with respect to this information and the language contained therein, including that the information is suitable for any particular purposes.

Water/ Wastewater
  • Tenant Billing: The law doesn’t specify rules for RUBs.
  • Regulations: No specific regulations found; check with local authorities for city or county-level rules.
  • Fees: The law doesn’t specify rules for RUBs.
  • Additional Regulations: The South Dakota Attorney General recommends full lease disclosure for utility billing, specifying obligations for landlords and tenants regarding utility bills. Legal aspects of rental agreements are detailed by the South Dakota Consumer Protection - Office of the Attorney General.

Interested in More Resources?

Livable Pro offers its users access to a library of helpful resources and documentation for Rental Owners and Property Managers. From resident notices to lease addenda, we support customers transitioning onto our platform and implementing RUBS for their Residents.*  

Our Features

Why Choose Livable?

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We Handle Billing for You

Livable bills your Residents monthly and provides multiple ways to pay via an easy-to-use Resident Portal.

No Unit Minimums

Livable Pro is the first billing platform designed for the independent rental owner.

Includes Water, Sewer, Trash, & More

Whatever the shared utilities are at your properties, you can include them in Livable Pro.*

Easy to Use

There's no need to learn any new "tricks" to use Livable Pro. We kept it easy so you can get started right away.

How it Works

Setting Up Livable Pro is Quick & Easy


Add Your Properties & Residents

Add each of the properties, including their name and address, that you'd like to enroll in Livable's RUBS program. Then configure each unit by specifying the size and number of residents in each unit.


Add Your Utility Costs

Enter all of the utilities for each property (e.g., water, electricity, gas) through either manual entry or data import. Specify how you'd like to allocate costs (by square footage, occupancy, etc.).

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Start Saving Money

Livable Pro calculates potential savings based on the entered utility cost information and allocation methods. With your utilities better divided, watch your net operating income steadily improve! 

Join thousands of housing providers and property managers using Livable to offset rising utility costs

Livable benefited my business by offsetting utility expenses through pro rata distribution to the lessee's and during the process reduced water usage by 25%.  I no longer have to worry about what the amount of the bill will be as the residents also have an interest in not wasting water.

Dennis R.

Livable was an excellent choice. Livable utility management offers a conscious responsibility to the owners and to the renters to ensure that the utility ratio billing is fair for both landlords and residents. Livable lives up to its simple program implementation. They are easy to connect with. I get immediate help if I need it. Thank you Livable.

Cara N.

Livable is an invaluable partner to our organization. For years in our rent-controlled city, the only way to increase the bottom line was through unit turnover. Utility costs increased by as much as 20%/yr, which directly impacted NOI. With Livable, we are able to not only recoup most of our utility costs but also are able to pass through future utility price increases.

Ryan S.


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With no unit minimums ever; including water, sewer, and trash; what are you waiting for? Sign up for Livable Pro today to start improving the NOI on your properties.  It's so easy, that you can manage it yourself!