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"We are excited to partner with Livable in providing all AOA members an opportunity to save a whole bunch of money!"

-Daniel C. Faller, Apartment Owners Association President

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Livable's system can track, analyze and bill back residents for the following services, depending on your market:


Livable’s core solution,

the Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS),

equitably divides utility and amenity costs among residents, based on customized billing methods, while factoring in specifics of your property.


Step 1

Enroll Your Building

Our Onboarding team helps you configure your property, units and residents, to ensure a smooth program launch.


Step 2

We Allocate Charges

Our system divides the bill, posts charges to our portal and emails/mails statements to the residents. 

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Step 3

Payment Options

Residents can pay online with debit, credit or ACH, or send a check/money order. They can also pay you directly!

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Step 4

You Start Saving

We assess our fees on the balance collected and distribute your monthly payout. Your fees never come out of pocket.

You can finally share accountability with your residents fairly and accurately!

Our nationwide utility billing and management system is built by owners and operators for owners and operators. Click below to use the utility recovery calculator to run your individual unit pro forma!

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Sample Statements

Save money on utilities without billing your residents. By receiving a sample statement highlighting resident cost, along with helpful tips to reduce consumption, they use less and you pay less!

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Bulk WiFi/Video Billing

We provide seamless, equitable solutions for direct resident billing to help you gain substantial savings and unlock revenue! Let us own the bulk billing process for your community amenities such as bulk WiFi & video.

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Sub-Meter Billing

Sometimes, installing individual meters in each unit is preferred, or required due to local ordinances. While Livable can help with the billing aspect of sub-metered properties, we do not sell or install the hardware, but we have friends that do!


Conservation Corner

Our Content Team produces informative conservation content for you and your residents, including tips and blogs. We also offer promotions and discounts at partner eco-retailers. More information can be found by clicking here. 

"Livable was an excellent choice. Livable utility management offers a conscious responsibility to the owners and to the renters to ensure that the utility ratio billing is fair for both landlords and residents. Livable lives up to its simple program implementation. They are easy to connect with. I get immediate help if I need it.

My suggestion to any multi-family building owner is to try Livable. Finally the master meters are slowly becoming obsolete. Wanter conservation is a new norm. Thank you Livable."

- Cara N.

 "Livable benefited my business through offsetting utility expenses through prorata distribution to the lessee's and during the process reduced water usage by 25%. 

I no longer have to worry about what the amount of the bill will be as the residents also have an interest in not wasting water."

- Dennis R. 

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